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Current Openings

Below are the current job opportunities for the Village of C.A.R.E.

Please read the descriptions in their entirety before applying.


Expressive Arts Teacher

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Job Title: Expressive Arts Teacher


Organization: Village of C.A.R.E.


Location: Wake & Franklin County, NC


Job Type: Part-Time                 




Village of C.A.R.E. is dedicated to preventing suicide among youth through innovative and holistic approaches. We are seeking a compassionate and understanding Expressive Arts Teacher to lead unique art classes for kids of varying age groups. We are looking for an array of art forms, including but not limited to: art, music, dance, drama and/or poetry. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in providing a safe and creative space for children to express their feelings and emotions through art, fostering emotional well-being and resilience.




1. Design and Lead Expressive Arts Classes:

   - Develop and implement art curriculum tailored to the emotional needs of kids.

   - Plan and conduct expressive arts classes on weekends, providing a safe and supportive environment for creative expression.


2. Adaptability and Age Sensitivity:

   - Understand and adapt teaching methods to accommodate the varying age groups and emotional needs of the participating children.

   - Foster a non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages openness and expression.


3. Compassionate Guidance:

   - Demonstrate compassion and empathy in working with youth of all ages, creating a space where they feel understood and accepted.

   - Provide guidance and support to help children navigate their emotions through artistic expression.


4. Collaboration with Mental Health Professionals:

   - Collaborate with mental health professionals within the organization to ensure alignment with therapeutic goals.

   - Attend team meetings to discuss individual progress and provide insights into the emotional well-being of participants.


5. Safety and Inclusivity:

   - Implement safety protocols to ensure a secure environment during art classes.

   - Foster an inclusive atmosphere that celebrates diversity and promotes a sense of belonging.


6. Feedback and Evaluation:

   - Provide constructive feedback to participants, encouraging growth and self-awareness.

   - Evaluate the effectiveness of art classes and suggest improvements based on observed outcomes.


7. Communication:

   - Communicate effectively with parents or guardians, keeping them informed about their child's participation, progress, and any concerns.




- Training and experience in various art forms.

- Previous experience working with children and understanding of mental health challenges.

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

- Compassionate, patient, and adaptable.

- Ability to create a positive and inclusive learning environment.


How to Apply:


Interested candidates should submit a resume, a cover letter outlining their experience working with youth and expressing their approach to teaching expressive arts in a mental health context, and a portfolio showcasing relevant artwork or lesson plans. Please email your resume to with the subject line "Expressive Arts Teacher Application - [Your Name]." Applications will be accepted until positions are filled.


Village of C.A.R.E. is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences.

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