Mindfulness & Meditation

Dr.Stephen Bavolek, Author of The Nurturing Parenting Programs

The Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) is an evidence-based curriculum designed to meet the needs of parents across the continuum of ages and stages. Curriculums are adapted for parents of young children, teenage children, teen parents, and parents who are in substance abuse programs.

OHWCI believes the use of this coursework, blended with Expressive Art can used as a strong force in healing and recovery.

Bettie with Dr.Stephen Bavolek,

Author of The Nurturing Parenting Programs

Bettie Murchison, Founder of Oasis Health & Wellness Centers International, LLC is a National Trainer and Consultant with the NPP. With over 15 years experience teaching the curriculum to agencies, companies, and individuals, Bettie has been brought in to create a module specifically for African American families.

  • Written
    - poetry
    - spoken word
    - storytelling

  • Visual
    - painting
    - drawing

  • Musical
    - singing
    - drumming circle​

Stress management techniques can assist participants to remain calm during stressful situations. Meditation can help to manage anxiety attacks, increase focus, and decrease the distraction of everyday life.

Mindfulness and Meditation helps those dealing with difficult situations and events. They will have techniques readily available that are calming and soothing. These techniques also help with letting go of old habits and behaviors.


of Life

Parenting Workshops

Our Circle of Life program is designed to assist people in recovery to express themselves through a form of art. Whether you like to sing, paint or write poetry, you can find a way to share your pain through working with one of our skilled professionals. The trained staff members are eager to serve you.

Expressive  Arts

Past studies have shown the effectiveness of Expressive Arts in treating drug and alcohol addiction. The combination of social skills training, along with thought mapping has proven to help substance abusers with behavior change, and ultimately life changes.

Participants can choose from two (2) of the following expressive art forms: